A Homecoming?

Hello, I’m Rev. Ian Price, and I’m joining the Dronfield with Holmesfield team as Associate Priest (SSM) in September 2019.

This represents a sort of homecoming for me, as my wife Julie and I joined St. Andrew’s in 1988, soon after we’d moved to Dronfield and our daughter, Sarah, was born. I was from and Anglican background, and Julie was a member of a Methodist church, so boxes were instantly ticked. I became a licenced reader in 1997, and worked in the team, based at St. Andrew’s until 2008, when I sensed a call into ordained ministry.

I trained at Mirfield (as did Paul Mellars and Dave Walker) and was ordained in 2011. The Church of England likes you to move out of your own patch, and I’ve been Associate Priest at Eckington and Ridgeway for about 8 years. Julie stayed with St. Andrew’s and has continued to be a regular worshipper throughout that time. She is also now a governor at St. Andrew’s School, and helps with craft activities there.

SSM means Self Supporting Minister. I have a day-job, running my own small business consultancy, of which I am the entire staff and board of directors, and my ministry is not paid for by the church.

I’ve been a Christian pretty much all my life, with a line-crossing moment when I was about twelve years old. I’ve been a chaplain at Ashgate Hospice, Foston Prison, and to the North Derbyshire Police. I’ve also done some work as padre for the ATC in Dronfield.

I play guitar, mandolin and octave mandola (yes really) with moderate proficiency and I sing a bit, and I’m in a moderately successful folk band locally. I was in the worship band with Gill Brook and Rob Lake for some years before I moved, and I’m really looking forward to using those gifts in worship in the new post.

I’m also looking forward to sharing worship with Julie regularly, which I’ve really missed. Most of all I’m looking forward to working with the wonderful fellowship here in Dronfield to share the awesome news of God’s love for all of us.